Fetti of R.I.S.E. DVD has the privilege of bringing us the second visual off Houston native Dante Higgins’ debut full-length project that dropped back in March, The Dante Higgins Story, for the track “The Messenger.”

Higgins has often been a man about his business and the video for “The Messenger” seems to reaffirm that, depicting Higgins decked out in a blazer in various locales while spreading and reflecting upon his “message.” It’s hard to tell which is the more poignant shot in a video that keeps it simple in black & white yet bears such a profound narrative: the one of a young boy picking up Higgins’ abandoned notebook after he’s just engaged a group of kids; or the shot of Dante sitting in the middle of barren railroad tracks, looking out into the landscape as though waiting for a train (of thought) that is yet to pass.

Indeed, “The Messenger” video is understated yet powerful… much like the song’s, well, messenger. *And of course, the Longhorn in me must shoutout the UT alumnus and Higgins’ real-life girlfriend that cameos as his “secretary”*

The underdog candidate for sleeper album of 2012 Dante Higgins’ The Dante Higgins Story is out now on iTunes.