If you saw the original Behind The Music feature on Biggie almost a decade or so ago then the majority of this piece is old news, the same information we all are unable to come to grips with even to this day. The reason why we exhumed and brought back Biggie for the doc, is thanks to that of retired LAPD detective Greg Kading who finally puts a name and faces to the murder of Biggie in the wee hours of March 9, 1997.

Sounds familiar? That’s because Kading’s reports were revealed in Complex earlier this year and effectively dropped a complete bombshell on the hip-hop community. Implicating Suge Knight may be huge but conspiracy theorists have been racking that up ever since ‘Pac got killed in Vegas and the general consensus believes the triggerman was Orlando Anderson, the same man who Pac & Suge beat in the MGM Grand Hotel a few hours prior. Nevertheless, the whole thing is enough to add closure (somewhat) to one of hip-hop’s most tragic memories. VH1 is batting 1.000 when it comes to documenting hip-hop at this point so you’ve got to roll with them on this. After watching, prepared to still be skeptical.

[via Yardie]