If you weren’t bunkered down to a laptop or in NYC, you obviously missed the most hyped up sit down with a group of people since Tebowmania hit the New York Jets. Maybach Music Group’s highly publicized press conference went off with an hour delay, a few snags on Ross’ whereabouts and then no real surprises until the very end unless you’re not an industry insider or believe strong rumors. Could this have been done virally? Possibly but when you’re Rick Ross, every single thing you do has to be considered a pretty damn big deal. Here’s five things to take away from the glorified palming press conference yesterday in NYC.

1. Rick Ross Is Smarter Than You Think

If you truly thought this was going to be a legit press conference like the one’s you see in sports, you’re dead wrong. It was a massive ego stroke with all softball questions lobbed at Ross to continue the idea that he is indeed the biggest rapper out right now. The mantra is attached to every viral ad MMG rolls out and carried over even further when Diddy of all people made a few head scratching comments regarding whether or not the MMG chime got him aroused.

2. Omarion Is Now Maybach O

This had been rumored for a while now and Ross finally confirmed that the former B2K singer and owner of the only successful solo career outside of B2K was apart of the label and had been rechristened Maybach O. As if the guy who did “Touch” is now a damn super-villain or something. The blonde part (yes, PART, not patch) in his head only made me and the rest of the world bow to the idea of gold officially running things again in music. Not that you were really checking for any new material from him but I guess Young Money O never stuck. It only makes Massapike Miles seems expendable when you think about it.

3. God Forgives, I Don’t Is Finally Dropping In July

July 31st to be exact. Hopefully this means “I Love My Bitches” gets resurrected into a single or something.

4. There Are Too Many Hands In French Montana’s Pockets

While French has increased his profile thanks to his “Shot Caller” joint (that inexplicably never blew up the way it should have nationally) & “Stay Schemin”, having Diddy & Rick Ross calling the shots with the joint Bad Boy/MMG venture means there will obviously be too many cooks in the kitchen. And the album might wind up selling somewhere around 40,000 copies in it’s first week. Future numbers. In other album news, Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares drops in August, Wale’s new LP drops in January & Self Made Vol. 2 arrives on June 26th.

5. Rick Ross Is The Face Of Reebok, Reebok Still Hasn’t Done Anything

Of all the deals Ross lined up for himself, from having Elliott Wilson of Rap Radar be the master of ceremonies, Warner Bros head honcho Lyor Cohen congratulating him on his success nothing will be more perplexing than him being the “face” of Reebok’s big & tall line according to Swizz Beatz. Look, the British sneaker company hasn’t done anything worth mentioning from a footwear standpoint since when Allen Iverson’s first run with the cornrows was in effect. By strolling out rappers as the face of their brand, it’s not going to change the fact they haven’t come out with a great signature sneaker in quite sometime. And this is coming from someone who had a pair of Reebok Classics maybe twice over.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to wonder where did the hour and a half of my life go yesterday dealing with this.

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