About a year or so ago, Phonte & 9th Wonder took to Twitter signifying their reunion and burying of a long standing feud. That was good news for every fan of their collaborations where it be solo work or anything Little Brother related. After the duo found smashing success on both 9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years LP and Phonte’s own solo album Charity Starts At Home, seeing the both of them live in concert is a must-do for any 9th/LB fan.

From May 17-19th Texas heads, you get your wish.

Tigallo & the mighty 9th will perform live in Dallas (5/17 at The Door), Austin (5/19 at ND Venue) & at Houston’s Warehouse Live (5/18) with a supporting cast that includes Jamlaa’s own Rapsody, frequent collaborator Median and Houston’s own trio of sophisticated and intoxicating hip-hop, The Niceguys. For tickets to the show hit up the Warehouse Live official site or A2Zpresents.com