Day & A Dream #BreakoutQueen Raven Sorvino is at it again. Over the weekend, Raven dropped this new joint, “V.I.N.O.” Part homage to the femcee as an artist – as evidenced by Sorvino making use of Lil’ Kim’s classic joint “Drugs” for the song’s instrumental – part homage to the latter part of her last name being a play on words with a certain token beverage, and part Sorvino flexing her lyrical prowess, “V.I.N.O.” is full of potent quotables.

Insisting that she’s “not f*cking with these whores, unless I’m pimpin’, of course” and that “when I step into the booth, these b*tches gettin’ offended,” it appears as though Raven carried over the vitriol left over from “RAVENdetta” and merely applied it to a more laid back track. Feature and fellow Language Artz cohort Picaso plays the Biggie to Raven’s Lil’ Kim, adding an infectious quality to an already catchy hook.

But now, I’m compelled to ask – is Sorvino just firing warning shots at female rappers and announcing her presence… or has all this been directed a certain particular target? Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough, especially if Raven makes good on her word that a project of hers is on the way this summer.

[via 2DBZ] 


DOWNLOAD: Raven Sorvino – V.I.N.O. (f. Picaso)