Tawn P – Next Phase EP
Self-Released; 2012
Day & A Dream Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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Released during SXSW, Tawn P’s Next Phase EP is compact voyage where the Texas based artist flourishes in some areas but given only such a small area to work with sort of adds unnecessary clutter. At times Tawn is the perfect split, a more than formidable rhymer with a gospel tinged singing voice that blows through many. On the cuts where she lets her voice & vocals do the majority of the talking such as the R&B tinged “Liquid Sunrise”, she calmly and precisely conveys love in the same manner that would make you break out in song.

Rhyming of course has never been a shortcoming with Tawn and in fact she feels even more comfortable behind the mic. However, just piecing together short choruses for the sake of it hinders the message. This is none more evident than on “I Got It Like That” where a spirited sixteen feels slighted and taken down a few notches thanks to a somewhat awkward chorus. We know Tawn’s a bit better than slapping on three words and making repetitive statements ala 2 Chainz or more but here it’s not as sharp as it should be. She makes up for it on latter tracks including a nifty Mario (of the Luigi kind) sample on “Let Go” and “GO Hard”, covering bases as need be.

It’s an EP release, short and sweet which highlights what worked on Tawn’s ode to The Throne Heir To The Throne and her own experimentations. Perfectly necessary for any artist but knowing Tawn, it’s an attempt to showcase her exceptional skill, which is still slightly raw in some areas.

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