Photo: Mary Kang

In the 78th issue of The FADER, OG Ron C talks to David Drake about the history of his brand of screw with Michael Watts, the apex of the F–k Action CDS (FA 40) and how Drake used to write all of his verses to the various FA CDs. See an excerpt below:

Soon after he reached out to purchase the F-Action collection, Drake was in Houston, and Ron met him in the studio with his order, where Drake revealed something even more surprising: he claimed to have written the bulk of his verses to the slowed R&B rhythms of Ron’s mixes. “As time went on, I could see that might have been a true thing, just from how his records are,” Ron says. “They’re so Houston-influenced. He listens to all the F-Action CDs in his one-bedroom apartment, and writes music.”

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