OG Ron C On The Evolution Of Screw

Photo: Mary Kang

In the 78th issue of The FADER, OG Ron C talks to David Drake about the history of his brand of screw with Michael Watts, the apex of the F--k Action CDS (FA 40) and how Drake used to write all of his verses to the various FA CDs. See an excerpt below:
Soon after he reached out to purchase the F-Action collection, Drake was in Houston, and Ron met him in the studio with his order, where Drake revealed something even more surprising: he claimed to have written the bulk of his verses to the slowed R&B rhythms of Ron’s mixes. “As time went on, I could see that might have been a true thing, just from how his records are,” Ron says. “They’re so Houston-influenced. He listens to all the F-Action CDs in his one-bedroom apartment, and writes music.”
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