Has it come to a point in hip-hop when you’re such a presence that the Chicago Police Department sends you an e-mail barring you from performing at a particular venue?

That’s what happened to Count & Moonie, otherwise known as the L.E.P Bogus Boys as the Chicago PD issued a statement to the duo, stating that due to their violent lyrics and content that they wouldn’t be able to perform at the A$AP Rocky show in Chicago on May 3rd. In fact, the CPD banned them from Chicago’s House Of Blues altogether.

According to the CPD, the Low End Professionals were “too violent” and they threatened to shut the entire show down if the duo took the stage. Ironically, the Bogus Boys have never had a history of violence at any of their shows, making certain to mention that people should attend and leave peacefully.

Speaking to Chicago’s WCGI this morning, the Bogus Boys explained the situation to the general public, but it’s a sign that the hip-hop police are starting to spread out all over the country in an attempt to quell any artist who decides to bring a little reality to their raps. Could it happen in Houston? Possibly but given the nature of Chicago at the moment, the CPD making such a rash decision is only a warning sign to the rest of us.

[via FSD]