Don’t let the picture fool you. Contrary to what the sleeveless cut-off-at-the-waist shirt, long hair, and army-print baggy paints might be telling you, Aaliyah isn’t back. This Aaliyah ringer of a sort, is actually an emerging songstress named Sabi.

I first heard of Sabi last year, when the gorgeous California native was just spreading her wings musically and promoting herself by giving away her song “Wild Heart” for the free via her website. “Wild Heart,” to its credit, was aurally amazing. Propelled by slightly trippy background instrumentation combining hard drums and a loud guitar, Sabi reminded me of Bridget Kelly but with a stronger range and the ability to wax her lyrics with raw emotion. Sadly, after “Wild Heart,” it seemed Sabi fell under the radar. Until now.

Turns out that while she’s been “away,” Sabi got nabbed by Warner Music Group. And last week, Sabi released the visuals to her official first single, the infectious island-tinged “Where They Do That At.” The Tim Cruz visuals feature Sabi riding around in a nice blue car and stopping by every locale featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, before catching up with Wale up against a wall. Folarin, to his credit, provides a nice guest verse. If you like what you hear, you can snag “Where They Do That At” off iTunes now.

As an added bonus to get you fully acquainted with Sabi, you can peep after the jump the music video for “Wild Heart,” as well. Thank us now, because TRUST, you will be hearing more from Sabi later this year. You heard about her here first.