What seemed like a good honest prank has now wound up the source of viral infamy for 20-year old Justin Moore of Charlotte, NC. Moore found the gusto and courage to snatch the mic away from local WMBF news reporter Ashley Taylor and yell “I’m that n*gga!” on live TV. Ironically, Taylor was doing a report on South Carolina’s crime crackdown and witnesses just so happened to ID Moore who was then arrested & charged with third degree assault & battery.

For acting like Dwight Howard in the post.

[via BX]

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  1. Ashley Waite

    That news casting woman is DUMB. She DID NOT get attacked. She wasn’t a victim. The guy barley pushed her and took her mic. She needs to SHUT UP. Seriously. This just pissed me off to the point of no return. She’s alive, she’s not hurt, no one got hurt. I thought what he did was funny. Wrong, yes. But she should not be portrayed as a “woe is me; victim.” He should have some sort of punishment, but not to be portrayed as a criminal. Oh Lord help our country.


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