Two stories are going to seep out of the Lakers amazing come-from behind double overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon.

The first of course being Kobe Bryant overcoming a terrible shooting night to hit two 3-pointers late in the 4th quarter to give the Lakers a temporary lead, Russell Westbrook going back to his YOLO mentality by going through a serious cold streak and failing to realize that maybe passing is the best option and that the Lakers somehow found a little bit of an edge after getting punked by the Thunder in their previous meetings in the season.

Then there’s Metta World Peace celebrating a dunk by inadvertently throwing an elbow into the head/neck of James Harden in the second quarter leading to an ejection for Artest & an concussion for Harden that definitely played a role in the outcome. Was it overblown by Peace better known as Ron Artest? Possibly but the slow motion look of it makes the entire thing look worse. Is Ron Ron going to be suspended by the league for this and miss a couple of playoff games? Likely, but it’s obvious Ron’s elbow is going to stain his rather “peaceful” season so far in LA.