As the intended release date for rapper OneHunnidt’s highly anticipated Keep It 100 project draws closer and closer, the lyricist keeps bringing the leaks. “America” is OneHunnidt’s newest leaked offering from the album.

Chicago native Genius Boy handles production for “America,” which toes the line between having military precision with its steady drum beat keeping time in the background and aurally resembling Kanye West’s “Let the Beat Build” in that the instrumentation grows and evolves with each passing second in the record. Genius Boy’s beat easily provides the perfect backdrop on which OneHunnidt can embrace his inner rebel on wax.

In his own words describing the track, OneHunnidt insisted that “America” embodied “a little change” from the usual hip-hop fare and, indeed, he’s damn near at war with the system on this one. It’s a stretch perhaps to compare OneHunnidt’s flow and lyrical content on the track to old school KRS-One. But once you hear him drop such potent lines as “There’s no ‘us’ in U.S., it’s just THEM” and “land of the free, home of the brave/ land of the oppressor, home of the slave,” I’m sure you’ll see where I’m coming from.

As a bonus with this great listen, OneHunnidt also dropped off to D&AD the official tracklist for #KeepIt100, which you can view after the jump. I’ll admit, with a title like “Unfckwitable,” I have high expectations for that particular track especially. But #KeepIt100 is coming soon.



DOWNLOAD: OneHunnidt – America