The more buzz I began to hear about 25-year old JMSN before SXSW, the more investigation began to occur. Each single and each minute spent discussing his †Priscilla† LP made it more than obvious that Christian Berishaj, the man behind the moniker had made certain to push each and every side of his creative being to shy away from what should make up a “mainstream artist”. Others are beginning to take notice as well.

Life + Times took time out to interview the artist, MTV has scheduled to premiere his new video and the single “Jameson” sees its original chords of the blues stripped away in favor of chopped & screwed vocals and a more haunting soundscape courtesy of producer Shelter Point. It’s what happens when you’re moving closer and closer to the tipping point as an artist and the cult like following the singer/producer has already is soon to balloon at any given moment.

Need any more proof? Watch the video for “Jameson” below where the artist revisions the 2009 Danish-film Antichrist with its fair share of intriguing imagery and near naked women.

[via TSS]