Building a buzz in Houston doesn’t necessarily mean going through the same door as everyone else. Same tools similar concepts but the results never truly yield the same. With Doughbeezy’s Do-It-Yourself-And-Appear-Everywhere mantra has essentially now become the new go-to move, 19-year old Travi$ Scott may claim Houston as his birthplace but has a sound that builds upon many of the sub-genres that evolved from 808s & Heartbreaks. He hates the comparisons to Kanye but when your influences are loud, brash and inescapable, they’re going to be repeated on and on.

To date Scott has a slim resume in terms of actual music (a few scattered songs and two music videos) but the clamor behind him is moving like a runaway train. He’s been spotted in Atlanta cooking up tracks with Future and got his biggest co-sign to date with the T.I. feature “Animal”. It may be more of a salute towards the track’s hypnotizing drums and melody & T.I.’s decision to flatline the entire thing once his verse gets going than Scott’s straight forward lyricism but that’s where cuts like “16 Chapels” & the Lex Luger produced “XX” fill that void.

“XX” builds upon airhorns and high level drums, a record tailor made for a reckless night with a mechanical voice repeating “I-L-L A-M-E-R-I-C-A” just to drive the connection home while “16 Chapels” features a standout snare, muddled synths and a CuDi-like echo on the chorus that harks to images of dancing alone in a church with candles ablaze. Imagine if Madonna decided to film “Like A Prayer” in the eyes of Trill Wave and gold grills.

The question boils down to this – where exactly can the buzz take him? His debut Owl Pharaohs is set to be released in the summer and as long as he continues racking up these moments of creative zen then there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing more and more about Travi$. Grab the three singles below as well check out visuals for “That B!tch Crazy” & “Lights”

“Animal” (f. T.I.)

“16 Chapels”

“XX” (prod. Lex Luger)