Somethings in life just aren’t fair, including Sam Presti’s work as GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Only a gift from the heavens above would grant the Zombie Sonics arguably the purest scorer in the league in Durantula, the most inhumane shot blocker in Serge Ibaka, a weapon off the bench in James Harden and probably the most dangerous scoring PG in the league in Russell Westbrook.

Who also has the most hops of any PG in the NBA.

Nevermind that this game was against the Kings and proceeded to be a laugher, just know that Kevin Durant told the world that Westbrook should be in the dunk contest next year in Houston. After watching RW0 make posters on a nightly basis now, I’m convinced such a thing should occur. Put the league’s best leapers in there, add a mil on the table and boom, we have it set. There’s no telling if the Thunder will live up to preseason predictions of making the Finals but you and I both know the moment Russie makes one mistake in the playoffs, folks are going to bring up last year’s playoffs as ammo against him.