4.13 The Intro

Tia Simone

Facebook Will Give Out Complete, Detailed Printout of Your Activity to Police [Occupy All Streets] Never Get a Red Light Camera Ticket Again with This DIY GPS Hack [LifeHacker] The 25 Greatest Nike Signature Basketball Sneakers Of All-Time [Complex] The Death Of The Greatest Hits Album: Should We Be Sad? [Rocks Off] Sweet Brown Is Back For More! [Crunk + Disorderly] Al Sharpton Equates Trayvon Martin Case To Jesus' Crucifixion [CNS News] Nicki Minaj Signs Deal With Addidas [TUD] Renee G's Booty Workout Video [The Spizzy] Florida's Safe Sex for Seniors PSA Is Awesome [BroBible] 12 Problems Only Big-Breasted Girls Have [Buzzfeed] Drake's Re-Bar Mitzvah [Grantland] Keri Hilson Shares Love Of Reading in Epic Book Drive PSA [RapUp] Pay Dwyane Wade For The Olympics And Everything Else [Clutch]



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