Ever since Im Gay, the entire purpose of Lil B being a figure in rap has boiled down to one single thing – consistency. The music may maintain the same lackadasical effort as any of his previous releases but the constant drive is unmatch, to the point where you’re more a fan of the marketing ploys than the music. There’s no denying his presence online has led to a cult legion who will RT and be around for everything – and there’s also no denying his presence pisses off any and all purists who could carless about the dude.

Somehow, Based Brandon got a way to deliver a “lecture” at New York University yesterday. I use the term “lecture” loosely as he started off by thanking each and every beautiful person, every legend in the building and every historical person in said building. Our friends at Refined Hype have already disescted the chief points of comedy, The FADER transcribed the entire thing and Rap Radar has all of the clips. In other words, the media have dissected this thing like the Zapuder film (and we still have no idea what really happened).

But we can decipher this nugget. According to B, he’s going the same route of Lil Wayne & KiD CuDi before him by releasing a rock album. “This is gonna be some garage punk. This one’s for the rebels. Look out for the Lil B rock record, California Boy,” he said. Somewhere, a purist just thanked the Lord.

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