From what we took away from Rob’s listening session for Abortion: The Project, the same helix of venom and honesty found on “Trill Hip-Hop” made up the bulk of the product. Therefore, everything should be good on delivery from the no frills Gullatte, who feels best to rediscover his youth on “Generation X”.

With Chycho acting like the off-kilter miscreant who refused to pay attention and found solace in YouTube clips – Gullatte continues to display the emotions of a man hell bent on the delivery of the truth, a byproduct of the same era that truly began the demise of the black father image despite what Cliff Huxtable tried to teach us. There’s a reason why Gullatte is the closest thing we have to a Tasmanian Devil in Houston – unapologetic and unafraid to let his mouth continue to push the mandate of trill hip-hop.