In this topsy-turvy NBA season, we’re almost near the tail end of the regular season and we honestly have no idea as to who the clear cut favorite is – much like last season when Dallas somehow wrecked the Lakers as if Kobe & company decided to ride with Bobby Petrino & his mistress for a weekend.

We’d pencil in Miami for a week at a time, figured the Thunder had finally grown up and weathered all of their Avon/Stringer talk between Westbrook & Durant and that the Spurs would somehow be there fighting because they have the longest tenured coach in all of North American sports – and that Popp is a cagey old bastard who decides this is a good look for him.

There’s a rumble in the East from another veteran squad that somehow looked like it was destined for anywhere between the 6th and 8th seed in the playoffs yet somehow have righted the ship and become, dare I say – the scariest team in the league?

Yes, we’re talking about the Celtics. Jesus Shuttlesworth, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & Rajon Rondo who if I’m not mistaken is putting up Stockton numbers (yes, as Rockets fan it pained me to write that) after declaring with his game of all things that he can’t be traded (remember the 18/20/17 game a few Sundays ago?) and that management would probably rue the day if they did.

When my best friend Lemarian, an NBA die-hard who makes the same sort of jokes about Andrew Bynum having more estrogen than Lady Gaga that I do told me Tuesday night I needed to see the highlights of the C’s game in Miami, I immediately attempted to scan anything on my cell phone. Twitter of course is always the go-to source for these things nowadays. KG raining jumpers like the old KG? Bull. Ray Allen hitting a backbreaking 3 late? A given. Rondo putting up 2K numbers and finally developing the confidence to have a game with the basketball outside of just finding the right guy in the right spot? Incredible. As a matter of fact, Rondo might be the darkhorse MVP if you literally break the award down to it’s meaning because no one player (maybe outside of CP3 & Kobe) dictates how a game flows than he does.

Earlier this year, the tombstone for the Celtics read exactly like this in my head, “Somehow, they came within a knee injury and a fluke three of winning two titles in a three year span. The Miami series last year taught us that they were finally cresting. Goodbye Celtics, I’ll always have 2008 to live on” (and if you’re questioning my thoughts on the Celtics, realize I bought a Larry Bird jersey during the throwback era). And all of a sudden, the tombstone continues to get re-writes day in and day out.

After the rejuvination period started, almost as if you put these C’s in a hyperbolic time chamber and threw them out there for one last run, I began rambling thoughts in my head. How in the hell is all of this happening? How is Avery Bradley of all people looking like a defensive stopper when he looked like a child playing in a grown man’s game? The Wade block in the Miami game a couple weeks back blew my mind. Somehow if the kid develops an outside game, he’ll have a career in the same fashion Tony Allen does. Except all Tony does is dunk from time to time and mug the hell out of your best perimeter player.

Look, we know there’s no way the Celtics will shoot 60% four times in a seven game series, not against Miami or Chicago but stranger things have happened. The last lockout had the KNICKS of all teams getting to the Finals if you don’t remember and given that Doc & the rest of the Beantown Bullies know that they can withstand a sick LeBron game stat wise and still pull out a win should mortify the rest of the league.

Think about it, if the Bulls are still hobbled and Derrick Rose still can’t be 100% for the playoffs then the Celtics can by and large take them. Orlando is a mess, Miami plays with an on/off switch and too often decides to cruise when they need to be making statement wins to the rest of the league & who the hell knows what the Knicks are going to do when all of their pieces come back (and trust, not having insurance for Amar’e Stoudemire is going to kill them just as much as that contract is). If the Celtics face the Spurs in the “Nobody Believed We’d Be Here” Finals in June, I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

Yes King, that’s the Boston Celtics music – and they’re itching to hit every single team in the league with a finisher.