An interesting part of hasHBrown’s 2011 album Break Something was this little nugget slung on as a bonus track. True, hasH’s own plight against his own city and perception made for a valid argument towards one of the best local projects of the year but seeing that the central theme of Break Something was all hasH knee deep in his idiosyncrasies, making “MMA” a bonus track makes sense.

All of the major T.H.E.M. players from John Dew, Thurogood Wordsmith, The K.I.D., Rob Jay, Hip Phonix, Hollywood Floss, Kidd the Great & Dustin-Prestige each have a spirited sixteen solely etched out for them, a fitting close to showcase just how versatile the crew truly is. Whether it be Prestige’s cool Superman rhetoric or the flatout hilarity of Kidd The Great, the crew is well served for a compilation tape if time ever created one.

As for hasH and his alter ego? They’re still breaking things.