It’s beyond clear that while the Lakers still hold a piece of Los Angeles basketball by beating the Clippers in Staples Center last night, the Clippers are the team which everyone wants to see. After Pau Gasol pretty much got abused on all fronts last Spring in the playoffs, he woke up this season with his name in trade rumors, actually being dealt to the Rockets before David Stern 86’d that and more. The Big Spaniard looked to be improving psyche wise even after the original reports of KG owning him in the 2008 Finals.

Then he woke up this morning wanting to file assault charges on Blake Griffin. Not only for slamming it on him with a vicious put back dunk thanks to an errant Randy Foye 3 but for using him as a prop to get to the rim. Yes, both dunks could have been called fouls but where’s the joy in that? The ref’s swallowed their whistles both times Griffin decided to go up and challenge the NBA’s most skilled big man and it kept Jose3030‘s rip skills up all night.

Plus, you can’t help but look at Andrew Bynum’s face as he watches the second dunk go down. It’s comical and sad all at once that Bynum himself can’t be serious for one of his teammates getting yammed on like an instructional video.