Onehunnidt and Doughbeezy might have had slight parallels when it came to achievement at SXSW. One moved from being strictly recognized as a poet and into a well-rounded performer. Dough? We’ve said enough about Dough to create a 5’6″ almanac of adjectives and positives.

Cy Fyre cleverly uses the blaring horns of “Summer Madness” from Kool & The Gang for “Salute You”, one of the latest leaks from One’s upcoming Keep It 100 tape. The twosome share hook duties before Dough leans into haters with the same precision he does lacing up a blunt. One’s seemingly obtaining a grasp of literally living up to his B.S.K. moniker, raping with a smirk on his face at every single twist.

DOWNLOAD: Onehunnidt – Salute You (f. Doughbeezy)