With many of our peers finding themselves in New York City to watch the NFL and Nike show the world what they’ve been working on, we can at least take away the fact that Nike didn’t do too much to the current crop of jerseys. Dubbed the NIKE Elite 51 Jersey (Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman wore the number 51) adding their own little tinks in terms of Flywire and collar work innovations and also implementing accessories for every NFL team from gloves and footwear to socks.

The only team that decided to go under the knife for Nike’s first year? The Seattle Seahawks who wanted to highlight their infamous “12th Man” at Qwest Field while swapping in an electric green to mesh with the standard shade of blue Seattle fans have been accustomed to over the past few years. Makes the most logical sense seeing that the team is the closest to Nike’s headquarters in Oregon.

As far as the Texans go? Just peep J.J. Watt and think to yourself if you’re ready to cop a Nike NFL jersey. If only they struck a deal with New Era for a few fitteds. Plus, the sideline apparel looks pretty dazzling to say the least. Check out more of the Texans looks at Ultimate Texans.