A year’s worth of build up and hype all came to a head on Sunday night. The WWE put on their yearly tradition of making everyone and their mother a fan of wrestling again for one night with WrestleMania XXVIII. Some feuds got their respective sense of closure and others just seemed unsettled, all with the intent on delivering a good show.

Did ‘Mania live up to its projections of being the greatest of them all? Not at all but we did learn a few things from it. Read on.

1. The Rock Won, Yet Still Has The Sloppiest Sharpshooter Of All-Time The three of us who made predictions on WM all failed in thinking John Cena was going to prevail over The Rock. It made the most sense, it logically seemed the way to go but then again, this is Vince we’re talking about and there’s a difference between losing w/ 20,000 fans in your hometown and near 80,000. Last year had no “go home happy” ending and with Cena attempting the most obligatory “F*ck You” to Rock by attempting a People’s Elbow, I guess it all made sense in the end. Which makes me think…

2. John Cena Is A Pro’s Pro Cena did the job when every smart wrestling fan figured he should have gone over. Had he used the ropes in that roll up pin that went for two, I think every fan of his would have given him Austin status. By that I mean do ANYTHING to win. I still don’t know how Cena does it.

And, he makes great sad faces.

3. We Got 18 Seconds Of YES! YES! YES! For 15 Minutes Of Skits You want to come up with a even sh*ttier trade off? How about Daniel Bryan, who definitely had more fans in the crowd with numerous “YES!” signs and an awesome on screen GF get jobbed out in record fashion to Sheamus for the WHC and then “suffer” (and I use that term with emphasis) through a Brodus Clay skit and two concerts. I didn’t need Mama Clay and her bridge club twerking and I definitely didn’t need Flo Rida. I could have handled Wyclef doing “It Doesn’t Matter” more than that.

4. Mohawk Undertaker Is A Mean Old Man Trips/Taker 3 claimed to be the end of an era and for the most part it was, unless the ‘E isn’t going to go with anymore of those “Murder Death Kill” brawls anymore. Taker and Trips told the story of two guys who knew they’d have to murder one another in order to win. Compile that with Michaels acting like a nervous wreck during every big move and the story unfolded from there. Even the believed finish of Superkick/Pedigree got the fans hyped but we all knew how it would end really. Also, why make it a Hell In A Cell match if you BARELY use the thing? But we got to see Jim Ross pimp out a goatee. Goatee Jim Ross Swag.

5. Punk/Jericho Wasn’t Steamboat/Savage But It Was Damn Good We presumed this was going to be match of the night and then somehow, they mixed in both the technical aspect and personal issues to make the melodrama play out. Jericho knew exactly how to push Punk’s buttons and decided to torture him. The finish was red hot and it truly didn’t matter who went over, just as long as the story got a nice little bow on it. Extra points for Jericho breaking out the Lion Tamer.

6. Team Johnny Equates To Team Entertainment Straight from a Kappa probate came Johnny Ace and with that the good knowledge of him being over both Raw & Smackdown. Sure, it was sports entertainment at the end w/ Eve being Eve but the company’s best straight forward heel now is THE authority guy. Plus, more David Otunga being David Otunga.

7. Eve Torres Popped It For The Pimp

And all was right in the world.

8. A Second Rope Chokeslam Isn’t As Epic As You Think While Kane versus Randy Orton wasn’t a snooze fest (like Justin Ivey considered it to be), it did make for an interesting match sans an RKO, a Punt or any of Orton’s signature moves (aside from that middle rope DDT). Kane getting a shock win means these two will go on to Extreme Rules and fight again, much to the crowd’s distaste.

9. Ric Flar Isn’t Limousine Riding, Jet Flying The best thing about Mania when watching with a group of people isn’t the food or drinks, it’s the commentary. Thankfully, my best friend got to come over and watch and we made the following insight about Ric Flar post “I’m Sorry, I Love You” Superkick: “Ric Rides The Metro”.

It’s gotten that low for the former best wrestler in the world. So much so that he probably would have dropped an elbow on his Hall of Fame suit and tie, screamed “YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT DEBT?!” and let out a Whooo. I loved Ric Flair, I just feel bad it’s come to this now.

10. WrestleMania XXXIX In Met Life Stadium Got Me Feeling Like…

Hear me out. I get the idea of wanting to be in that stadium the year before the Super Bowl, that’s fine. What I don’t get is how tradition just got thrown all out of wack since Mania’s I, X and XX were all in the world’s most famous arena. And if XXX does go to the Garden, it sets a precedent for one city getting back-to-back Manias.