Yes, the “BET” mentioned in this post’s title stands for Black Entertainment Television. Yes, BET actually did a “special report” in light of all that’s going down in Sanford, Florida regarding the wrongful death of Trayvon Martin. And no, April 1st did not come a few days early. We’re not making this up.

Day & A Dream’s own Brando brought his own eloquent thoughts to table regarding Trayvon Martin earlier this week. But last night, BET aired a special report entitled Shoot First – The Trayvon Martin Tragedy, a half-hour special that focused on bringing people up to speed about the details regarding Trayvon Martin, his killer George Zimmerman, the police department in Sanford, Florida, and how all three of these things have interconnected to create one of the most tragic news stories, much less life incidents, of this century. If you missed it when it aired yesterday evening, you can watch Shoot First in full below.

While Jay Howard was all over twitter convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me one would be inclined to be skeptical of BET, surprisingly, the special was very well-produced, with correspondent Emmett Miller propelling the tale forward with good narration and interviews. The news special incorporates the previously released audio of George Zimmerman on the phone with 911, as well as interviews with a few witnesses and with Trayvon’s own mother and father. Fair warning: you may want to keep the Kleenex on standby for when Miller interviews Trayvon’s father Tracy.

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