It’s been almost two weeks since SXSW left our mindscape and still, the endless amount of footage from the festival continues to roll in. Hit the jump to see performances from Young Gliss, showcase recaps from South By Nice Kicks, the A3C + DJ Booth show & more.

The DJ Booth x A3C Showcase< ft. Torae, Skyzoo, Rittz & More/strong>
On a packed Saturday night chock full of lineups, A3C brought the best of their festival to Austin and collaborated with DJ Booth for a rather fun showcase featuring some of the best acts from NYC, ATL and more.

Young Gliss x SXNK
Highlights of Gliss’ set at #SXNK.

SXNK (f. Roosh Williams, Doughbeezy, Action Bronson, XV & More)
The lineup does the showcase no true justice. A rooftop party with free booze, beautiful women and a few notable surprise guests, the SXNK showcase put on by Pairadime and sponsored by this very blog was a smashing success. We just hope that next year they fully use the pool as the stage and make sure the artists live on that elevated platform.

Sidenote, Pairadime’s entire SXSW recap is quite the read. An adventures all over Austin dealing with setting up the showcase above, doing their best to make sense of many drunken nights and then the classic picture at the very end which sums up what SXSW meant for them.

Curbside Jones Defies Set Limits
Attempted to cut his mic, scratch over his vocals – Curbside Jones decided to make his first SXSW memorable by going against the grain and refusing the past the mic. When the fans demand it, you give it to them, right?

In The Mixx Mixer @ Complete Clothing
When we first got a glimpse of Mehka King’s trailer for “In The Mixx: DJs Doing Work”, we applauded and wondered what more would come out of it. Thankfully, King debuted the extended trailer down in Austin and had support from the League of Extraordinary Gz and Complete Clothing to do so. JWorks Limited & Midwest Shades were on hand as well and of course, some rapping was involved as Atlanta’ own Phene got in the mix to cypher with the Gz.