The Lil Kim comeback tour might have finally found a single fans actually care about. While her Black Friday mixtape netted more controversy for its delay (and ganking various fans out of their money via PayPal) than the actual music and her album seeing more delays than I-45 traffic, “Keys To The City” with Young Jeezy might be the one sleeper Kimberly Jones has been seeking since The Naked Truth.

Her voice having changed a ton over the years, Kim sneaks under the same bed Jeezy has made famous for years. Straight dope game rap from one of it’s most known users and one of it’s female pioneers. If Kim truly wants to keep the energy going, she knows she’s gonna have to make more music catered towards her fan base and not trying to look over the fence at what her Barbie counterpart is doing.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Kim – Keys To The City (f. Young Jeezy)