Here’s the story behind Danny Swain which has enough twists and turns that mask the fact he’s one of hip-hop’s more incredible lyricists. First, Swain released an LP entitled The College Kicked-Out which drew way too many comparisons to Kanye West’s The College Dropout, although both are true stories. Swain got kicked out of his South Carolina college thanks to a cheating scandal. From then on came an acclaimed album in Charm and And I Love H.E.R. after pretty much fighting the world for a good period of time.

Then Jay-Z called Danny! his favorite new artist and an entire gust of “who is Danny” statements began to surface. Thus, the moment “Silly Me” opens with Nicole Wray’s sampled vocals, the ride officially begins where Swain proves why he really doesn’t need a cosign in the first place – cause he was damn good before Hov championed him. Payback coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: Danny! – Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)