If the name Marcus Canty sounds a tad familiar, it’s probably because you heard about him on FOX’s extension of American Idol the American version of X-Factor. Even though Canty didn’t emerge as the big winner this season, he did managed to get signed to Epic Records by L.A. Reid and “Won’t Make A Fool Out of You” is expected to be Canty’s first single.

Marcus was a fan favorite especially with the ladies on X-Factor and “Won’t Make a Fool” further proves that. Backed by some smooth instrumentation that sounds like something straight out of the 90s, Canty goes IN, painting the picture that what he lacks materially, he’ll more than make up for in actions for a certain young woman. I would not be surprised at all if this track 1) becomes the perfect radio smash; and 2) gets the fellas practicing their singing voices so they can drop that “I’d rather die, than make a fool out of you” line both in the club and in the frozen food section of the grocery store.

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DOWNLOAD: Marcus Canty – Make A Fool Out of You