When I stepped out last night to see Dante Higgins tell his story at Warehouse Live, I had the chance of chatting it up with Jack Freeman. Freeman, always one of the more engaging people in the scene had on a “Rep H-Town Like Mattress Mac” t-shirt, inadvertently promoting Thurogood’s latest single, Galley Furniture and Sole Purpose all in one statement.

Back to Thurogood. He’s arguably the most underrated member of T.H.E.M. (hence why we said perception puts him on the second rung), known in a few circles for his appeal and because he more than likely will share a beer with you after a show. “App For That” has been a mainstay in his live performances lately and now as a token of fan appreciation, a CDQ version surfaces with every instrument on HGH thanks to James Kelley. Thuro’s raps fall somewhere between truly engaging and boastful, a nice melting pot before he decides to smack us all in the mouth with his Brass Knuckle Sandwich project.

DOWNLOAD: Thurogood Wordsmith – App For That