For the record, let me state that I’ve never been a proponent of Kobe Bryant. Just an honest critic. After all, up until Lindsay Lohan decided to blow up the spot, Kobe Bryant moved the needle the most here. Because after his fifth ring, we questioned why was he so polarizing a figure in sports. Did we use the “hate” word? Yes, but you have to admit that people truly dislike the guy. And he could care less.

Last night did KB24 no favors as well as he opted to go with the black protective mask instead of the clear one to shield his healing nose. With the black mask? 1-6 shooting. Clear mask? 7-20. Percentage wise, the clear one won out even though the black one kept Kobe from sweating and agitating him. While Kobe obviously used the Kobe System to trick the Lakers head trainer into thinking he wouldn’t look foolish last night in Detroit, the Pistons got the last laugh in giving the Lakers yet another road loss in OT, 88-85.

Let it be a lesson to Kobe, don’t go to a dangerous place and either show up like a crime fighter or wanting to shoot another remix to “Hotel”.

Rodney Stuckey Scores 34 As Pistons Top Lakers In Overtime | AP