Last night, Dante Higgins performed in front of an intimate crowd in lieu of his debut album release, The Dante Higgins Story. Made up mostly of a Pro-Hig crowd, the fans were treated to performances from Higgins, Big Pokey, Overtime, Undergravity (who we saw in full for the first time live and killed), John Dew, Authentic Snoopy, KAB Tha Don and more.

Brando moonlighted for the team and wrote a pretty lengthy review, including this little gem:

For a better analogy, say you’re taking a date to Olive Garden and she orders pasta or linguini. She expects it to be everything and then some, but she winds up getting some watery sauce and spaghetti. She eats it, it is definitely filling, but on the inside she’s yearning for something more. You have to play up the experience or risk looking like a sucker while the next guy she dates takes her to Red Lobster for the cheddar biscuits.

To cut it short, Dante Higgins was passing out cheddar biscuits last night while his fans understood and played their part. It’s not a slight on the crowd or the performers but the cheers were the loudest when Higgins stepped onstage to premiere The Dante Higgins Story.

Peep the galley of the show below brought to you by HoustonTREND and read the review here.