With Black Radio nearly in existence for almost a week now and hopefully breaking perceptions of jazz and jazz music’s “bougieness” by moving big numbers, The Robert Glasper Experiment follows up its performance on David Letterman of the album’s title track by granting it the visual treatment.

RGE keeps it clean and simple, opting to depict a plane in flight amongst a very peaceful backdrop until one of its engines goes out, the lyrics from Mos De- *cough* I’m sorry, Yaasin Bey’s verse projected onto the wings of the plane like sort of black and white placards. The video’s ending, in which the proclamation “Real music is crash protected” is issued out, seems to drive the point home as just another reason why “Black Radio” – the song itself and the full album – are refreshing changes of pace that music certainly needed.

The Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio is in stores now and it really should already be in your iTunes. In the event that your life is a mess you’re not yet convinced that it’s worth your time, you can stream the album here and keep your eyes locked for Day & A Dream’s review of the album later this week.

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