Bevin Biggars, flower child and one of the more loveable characters in Houston has ambition out of the world. For the past two months or so, you’ve seen her Tour De Badness flyer hanging on the side because it’s not only for a good cause but frankly, it’s a different approach to the idea of a fundraiser.

Biggars wanted this to be a giant event with sponsors and the like, all looking to do something to empower and better the community at large. No matter what occurred, she remained steadfast in getting on a bike and making the 200 mile journey from Houston to Austin. For that to occur, she needs your help and all it takes is one click.

Donate whatever you can, even your time if need be to visit her official site Tour De Badness and try to make a difference. Too often have you seen people be apart of something for nothing. This however, is rather real and if you follow Bevin on Twitter, then you know she hasn’t done anything except dedicate her days and months to getting this off the ground.

From Bevin:

I had days to where I would not sleep for hours and days at a time just to send hundreds of emails and get rejected in my university’s computer labs, but continued to push this. I have pushed until my arms weakened, legs fell to the ground, and knees kissed the floor begging for an understanding. This is real. Left by my roommate with a two bed roomed apartment, scraping for money, selling my items to stay above water, without a computer or car and frequent ignored texts and emails. I had to choose one. Working to pay the bills, and to stay afloat is what I had to choose because there was no other choice. Will there be any events, hotels, buses, galas, or anything I told? Probably not. But life happens, and just as life is happening to me life is happening to those I am trying to help. In that, I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to being apart of this, truly I appreciate it. Thus understand that I will still be biking to Austin March 11 rain sleet or snow, because I cannot not give up on people even in the state of my condition. I may not have all of the resources in the world, but know that the show must go on. You are more than welcomed to come with me if you truly are devoted to empowering, strengthen, and making someone in a dire situation know that someone is there, if not…you can catch me making a trip to Austin for all of my community. I think that they would understand.