When 2 Chainz sauntered out through a thick crowd on stage at Warehouse Live, he could peer into the audience and see a sea of people, mostly from all over the city who had taken T.R.U. Realigion’s basic courses and were looking for a master thesis. In any sense, the former Tity Boi knocked it out of the part for those who enjoy his minimalistic, almost laugh-out-loud-yet-you-believe-it idioms. For others who felt themselves cramped inside the chest to chest packed venue, a show is what they got – from the other members in the crowd.

Less than four nights ago, A$AP Rocky had taken the key to the city and unlocked every door imaginable for a sold out show. Tru’s own had people packed in the overflow room, backstage, on stage, the main floor – any and everywhere you could fit a woman with a tight dress/leggings/110% ratchet outfit on. While I perched myself on stage in the back just to breathe, watching the openers was a hard bargain by itself.

Propain, darling of the city and ferocious freestyler almost had to beg the massive crowd to at least come unglued from their cool perch. He led off with “Say I Won’t”, touched on Dangerous Minds Friends Of Distinction sampler “Smiling Faces” before swinging everything into a H-Town mandated set. He honored Fat Pat, he honored anyone who came before him and in passing, he also let Lil Keke perform his “3 N Da Morning” freestyle to rounds of approval and verse recitation. Same for “H-Town” with Short Dawg, one of the more criminally slept on city love records in recent memory.

Keke wasn’t done as he made another cameo appearance during Paul Wall’s ever glowing set. Wall, flanked by DJ Michael “5000” Watts on the 1s and 2s bounced from side to side flashing a smile, commanding the crowd with a decade plus of hometown hits plus a few new singles sprinkled in for good measure. TV Johnny stood on stage, we begged him not to rap. He didn’t, we thanked Tru.

In the midsection of the event, with 2 Chainz obviously played the head and everyone else working the legs – H-Kane, DJ Young Samm & Go MC Beezy parlayed the crowds up and down emotion into a funnel and came out with trap songs, obligatory “rep your hood” songs and more. At one point Kane chastised a woman three months pregnant sipping a drink. If anything, he can be a host and a patron saint all at once.

The whispers of “Spend It” buckled the venue, bringing everything to a fever pitch before 2 Chainz let loose of his verse. Mesmerizing, spell binding, almost motivating enough to make us want to trap. Then we realized, we’d been here for four hours, we smelled like 30 different strains of weed and had become temporary rap claustrophobics. Not before we let out a few “Truuuuus” to keep the people going.

The Crowd: Are fans of Teta Chico. Female were also willing to use any and all club attire to attract males. Some succeeded, some failed.

Recommended For Future Concerts: Comfortable shoes. And water. And tattoos to fit in.

Notebook Dump: HoodStar Chantz, one of the more engaging personalities via Twitter or Houston rap also opened on the bill with Bobby Benz. It was like 2 Chainz-lite, only less double cups and more shit talking. The cops slammed him down for a brief moment after his set. Must have stolen one of their chicks or something.

Notebook Dump #2: Both the LOEGz & Big Boss E opened as well. While the collective has been steamrolling in the face of adversity, attempting to gain approval of a crowd who was there mostly for 2 Chainz was hard. They tried but like most rap crowds where “rap” isn’t on the menu, ice grills are the name of the game.

Notebook Dump #3: Ever been to a flea market? Yeah? Okay, have you ever been to a flea market inside of a concert? 2 Chainz show may be the first time I’ve ever seen someone hawking watches and chains in one section while another has the “Paid In Full” style graphic background for photos. Simply amazing.