Quick story before we break down this clip: playing as the Wizards on NBA 2K12 is not as bad as you’d think. Sure, like in real like Nick Young & Andray Blatche chunk up a lot of shots, John Wall seems frustrated and you’ll get frustrated when JaVale McGee can only be Boston/Cleveland Shaq offensively and just dunk but miss a ton of free throws. Thanks to that game, I now slightly root for the Wiz Kids.

Now, for all of the time he turns his brain off at the wrong possible moments there are days when JaVale just gets “it”. Be it getting 12 blocks in a game or anything he did in the Dunk Contest last year, the Washington center can impress you from time to time. He’s also a slight headcase so moments like the one below where he dunks from the semi circle, they’re so rare you have to awe.

Someone, anyone in the greater D.C. area, teach JaVale how to be a big man and use his God giften physical gifts to destroy people. He’ll be the most legit center in the East not named Dwight if he does.

SIDENOTE: The NBA is offering League Pass to those without it for free.99 this week. Subject yourselves accordingly basketball junkies.