If you’ve been paying attention at home, The Rock and John Cena have danced around the issue of them battling each other at WrestleMania for the better part of a year now. Insults, promo videos, weightlifting and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island have all occurred and then last night – it got super personal.

We know the Rock, we know he makes movies and makes plenty of jokes that the crowd naturally eats up. We also know John Cena and we know how he panders to the crowd. Rock making mention that the only innovation Cena’s made is a transition from jorts to camo is gold. Also calling someone a kung pow b*tch but that’s for 4th grade insults and Twitter trends (which the WWE will never understand). When Cena decides to go low and open up about “promo notes” on the Rock’s wrist, he not only looks like a douche but also the guy who knows the Rock will own the crowd no matter what and he won’t.

At least we know who’s a heel & a face when they go to Miami on April 1st.

But wait, there’s more.

Elsewhere on the card (actually the opening segment) found us CM Punk & Chris Jericho. Or in other words, Rock-Cena Lite. All of this over being the supposed best wrestler in the world, which is a genius storyline all because it’s really simple. Past Manias didn’t have two guys who wanted to be the best just fight each other in a ring for it like actual sport. No, we got Floyd Mayweather & The Big Show.

A rooting interest for either man in this feud is welcome, mainly because of that awesome jacket Jericho sports around and Punk lives straight edge (but is addicted to tattoo needles & competition). Also, Chris Brown made an appearance in this promo. No Punk didn’t choke him out, he only referenced him to show that the outside forces IN THE REAL WORLD don’t matter, just these two guys.

Add this to an already instant buy in Trips/Taker 3: Hell In A Cell at Wrestlemania and I’m sold. Only thing is, I don’t want to see someone get hanged like Big Bossman.