Here’s hoping things don’t turn out the same way they did last year when Blu made an appearance at Ground Hall with J*DaVeY and didn’t hit the stage until after 2:30 in the morning. With Blu’s erratic nature, there’s no telling what may or may not happen at Numbers on March 3rd but with Exile in tow, fans are hoping for some of that Below The Heavens magic.

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    Nathan, Why do your readers hate ebook news? And what do you think about the vook? Is the future of the novel going to be one big choose your own adventure? Tell us Nathan!

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    Lashing looking fabulous! Wouldnt be without mine but ive never tried the undereye ones. For my wedding this amazing lady didnt my 40s make-up and stuck all my false eyelashes in one by one, took for ever but oh my god they looked incredible! Maybe i should have married her instead lol ;o) Scarlett x


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