Day & A Dream has had the privilege of being able to follow emerging songbird Alyxx Dione over the course of two projects now. One of the things that’s often overlooked about Alyxx is that, in addition to the great voice, she also has quite a creative spirit.

That creative spirit gets to get a little exposure in these newest visuals from Alyxx for “Good Life,” one of the standout tracks on her uptempo sophomore effort Almost There released late last year. For a change, Alyxx is not only starring in the video, but is one-half of the direction too. Teaming up with Rikki Mendias behind the lens, the video for “Good Life” has the singer wandering down the streets of Los Angeles and along a beach with a beautiful sunset in the background. It’s a nice, if colorful, complement to the song itself, an ode to the payoff that comes with following one’s dreams (thankfully sans the usual bottle-popping and money shots).

After you get yourself (re)acquainted with Alyxx and LA in the video below, in case you napped on it, in which case you should be ashamed missed it, you can check out Alyxx Dione’s Almost There album right here.