Photo by Marco Torres

Fight the power?

Recently, notable establishment Boondocks has been hit with multiple fines regarding the city’s stricter noise ordinance policy. DJ Elroy Boogie & DJ Klinch were given citations for the issue as well as Boondocks manager Ryan, who received his third such ticket in less than a month. According to a story at the Houston Press, if Ryan gets another citation for violating the noise ordinance, he’ll be jailed.

The bar rests in the Montrose area, a popular hangout on weekends and one I ventured out to nearly every Sunday night for about three months in 2010. Since the ordinance took affect, Boondocks has been hit on three separate occasions where police have swooped in on the venue with sirens and flashing lights. Once upon a time, the rapper as viewed as the most dangerous member in hip-hop thanks to the fabled “hip-hop police”. Now, its the DJs who spin at happening locales near homes.

There’s a petition circulating asking for the ordinance to be redrawn with more clarity into the law. Currently, officers need no initial complaint or evidence to write individual tickets almost basing all of their evidence on “hearsay” and judging by Marco Torres’ report mentioned earlier, the absurdity of receiving 65,000 noise complaints only propels skepticism.

Whatever the case maybe, expect more tickets to be passed out to disc jockeys all over the city depending on where they play at. Meaning, Montrose could see a huge hit in their appeal towards the Houston music scene.