I’ve been watching the Slam Dunk Contest for as long as I can remember. Each one has been on that uneven kiel of amazing (Vince Carter versus Steve Francis in 2000) or dull as all get out (Nate Robinson in Dallas). With Blake Griffin opting out of this year’s edition and LeBron once again teasing fans with an appearance only for naught, we’ve come to look at the current roster for the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest and feel … cheated, right?

Cheated has to be the word here. All because these are unheralded guys (Budinger & George especially) and two rookies who haven’t shown much YouTube worthy highlights this season to even be mentioned. It isn’t a knock against Iman Shumpert or Derrick Williams but when I think of them, I don’t see “future Slam Dunk Contest” winner. I see NBA guys who would probably knock down one or two tomahawks, a random windmill and a reverse for good measure.

Shumpert will probably have the mania of Jeremy Lin involved in his routine as more than likely the sensational Knick point guard will be tossing alleys to the rookie guard. It may be the only way you even remember Iman’s name given how average he’s been this season and if David Stern wants the casual fan to be tuned in, Lin being apart of this may be the only saving grace.

In all, it will probably be Paul George’s night in Orlando as he’s my prediction for the event. After having the CPU trade him to my Rockets in My Player mode this year and playing with him in NBA 2K11, he seems to have the most transition between video game hops & NBA hops. Plus, he randomly broke this out in his arsenal earlier this year.