From getting cut twice to now being worth $14 million, the legend of Jeremy Lin continues to topple skyscrapers and daily news across the country. The unheralded PG from Harvard, twice cut in the NBA and almost a third time by the Knicks has lit up the NBA and much of the sports world from coming out of nowhere to become the most prolific scorer in NBA history through his first five starts.

Last night, with a Toronto crowd buzzing as if it were a Drake concert, Lin once again added to his mystique by hitting a game winning three with half a second left against the Raptors. He looked Kobe-esque as he sank the three, confidence at an all-time high. Despite also setting a record for the most turnovers in his first five starts (30), Lin has helped guide the Knicks from within a game of .500 basketball. Until the story stops being fascinating, I along with the rest of America will continue saying in a “Coming To America” voice, “That boy good!”