How do you make a local artist’s track jam even harder?? Simple – you assemble a monster remix that adds even more local talent to the track.

Dallas rap artist Brain Gang Blue released “Party On” late last year, a track that was just loud and fun enough to embody the very spirit and attitude of the group itself. While the original is superb in its own right, Brain Gang Blue opted to up the ante by releasing a special “Party On (Remix)” to coincide with the rapper’s preparing to perform at Austin’s annual SXSW Music Festival this year. As part of the preparation, Brain Gang Blue has set up a Kickstarter campaign entitled “Numb: The Road to SXSW,” through which fans of the Brain Gang – but really, fans of good music in general – can donate and directly contribute to Blue’s efforts to get to Austin. Blue is a natural, state-bred talent who certainly deserves to be at SXSW to represent for the city of Dallas and for the great state of Texas itself. If you’re able to contribute to that good cause, you should certainly take an opportunity to do so.

As for the music itself, Blue really has assembled a motley crew of Dallas rap’s finest for the “Party On (Remix)”: A.Dd+’s Slim Gravy, Blue’s Brain Gang cohort JT, Dustin Cavazos, Dave of the group The Mohicans, and emerging rapper -topic milk Blue’s slightly trippy, slightly country-flavored production for four and half minutes of pure fire and plenty of clever punchlines.

Stream and download the “Party On (Remix)” below, and don’t forget to check the Kickstarter link above to support Brain Gang Blue’s journey to SXSW.