After Sunday night’s Grammy performance, I began searching for answers as into what Nicki Minaj truly is. When she first broke on the scene in 2007, she could rap with the same feminine outlook that Foxy Brown & Lil Kim did before her. THe look was simple: jeans and tight fitting shirt with her personality shining through. That was Beam Me Up Scotty Nicki, the one we all assumed would stand atop the realm of female emcees.

Five years later, its obvious that artistic integrity has been thrown away for superstardom. She wants to be Madonna, Gaga, a worldwide phenomenon in the same light as those pop artists. Those ambitions are fine but the difference is they actually have the music to justify such action. To date, Minaj’s biggest crossover hit was a bubblegum ready single in “Super Bass”. Now, the hodgepodge nature of a cut like “Roman’s Holiday”, “Stupid Hoe” and now her latest single “Startships” (produced by Gaga’s go-to producer in RedOne, ironically) shows that Minaj is somewhere in search of being big while losing everything that gave us the ability to respect her chops to begin with.

She wants to shock, that’s fine but until she awes us musically, Minaj will be pigeonholed as a pretender to stardom by way of talent.


DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj – Starships

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