You’ve played basketball with your boys, right? Got heated time and time again, thought you were the coach and all of that? It happens, probably one of the main reasons why I always stuck to playing football instead (that and I could never learn how to properly dribble with my opposite hand). Kevin Hart however has a different idea in mind. It’s Napoleon in nature but when he and the rest of the Plastic Cup Boyz play against the Lady Huskies of UCONN, it’s pure comedy.

The actual score of the game doesn’t matter, the commentary however does. Hart of course plays it up on camera for his great moments but when it comes to the group’s failures, not a single punch is pulled. Maybe next time I’ll think about getting on the court and lacing up a pair of Nikes trying to live out my Michael Jordan fantasy.

On second thought, I’ll just chill and watch the game like Dickie V.