In what has all the makings of a Disney movie, former Harvard grad/Golden State Warrior/Houston Rocket Jeremy Lin is enjoying the hype of being a small savant of New York City basketball. The point guard has not only come off the bench to light up the lowly Nets for 25, he’s spent the last three games in the starting lineup with the most glaring night being last night with Lin starting – against the Lakers.

Against Kobe Bryant.

In Madison Square Garden.

Unlikely duel or not, Lin once again stole the show by roasting the Lakers to the tune of a career-high 38 points & 7 assists, looking more and more like a middle-class man’s Steve Nash for Mike D’Antoni as the Knicks wound up beating the Lakers. The girlfriend, who isn’t a basketball fan in the slightest was giddy with every Lin basket, including the late three pointer where he held his arm aloft and knew it was going to fall. Slowly, our dream of making her a basketball fan as well as a football head are coming true but that’s another story.

Here’s the question: is this all real or are we hyping up a guy who slept on his teammates couch just because he’s pulling the struggling Knicks back together after a sloppy start to the season?

Lin has effectively made Tyson Chandler look exactly like he did in New Orleans with Chris Paul. Give him a competent point guard like he had last year with Jason Kidd and he’ll be sneaky good offensively. The real question that should be asked is what happens to the Knicks when both Carmelo Anthony & Amar’e Stoudemire return from injury and personal reasons? Do the Knicks finally live up to their Eastern Conference hype? Or does the chariot painted in blue & orange turn back into a pumpkin? And what happens when Baron Davis returns from injury?

We’ll see, but until then watch Lin ball out on the Lakers, including making the Lakers most glaring problem at the point guard position look even more glaring.