Cred: Jose3030

A Monday night in sports borders between must see television and casually flipping through the cable package looking for something good to grab your attention. Then you realize the Clippers are on national television against one of the best teams in the Western Conference so surely, you sink in your chair and prepare to chill.

What you don’t recognize is the moment where something incredible happens.

Time stands still, you rush to your phone and ask your best friend or whomever in shouting distance did they see what just happened. Sure, the Clippers shot the Thunder out of the building and showed that a team of shooters eclipses Durant & Westbrook going for 30 apiece and the rest of the team putting up jack, but it pales in comparison to Blake Griffin snatching the life force out of Kendrick Perkins in the third quarter.

Welcome to the show, Perk. You can join Timofey Mozgov in Blake Griffin Dunk Therapy.