Joe Paterno, a bastion of moral upstanding in a world where such figures seemed few and far between died early Sunday morning in a Pennsylvania hospital. He was 85.

The former Penn State head coach had won a major college football record 409 games before being unceremoniously fired in November 2011 after a child sexual abuse scandal involving his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky erupted and Paterno did nothing about it on his watch.

Paterno had been in the hospital since January 13th, battling lung cancer after he was diagnosed with the disease less than a week after he was fired. It’s up for debate as into what his final legacy will be. Will he be remembered as the one white hat in a room full of dark ones or is he going to be thought of as the figurehead who didn’t do more to stop a serial child rapist under his watch?

Much like Bear Bryant, it was wildly believed that once Paterno was removed from the game he loved that his decline in health, which through various injuries throughout the years seemed like a possibility. Sadly, the time between Paterno’s last day as coach and today was only 73 days.