Propain is in a rather high place at the moment. One, the all fire, spare-no-one barbs unleashed from Dangerous Minds made Departure seem like a precursor. Second, Pro has nowhere else to go at the moment but up as his late season tape is in the strong running to be tops this year, unless he decides to turn into Killa Kyleon and start releasing these things like clockwork.

To keep himself occupied and folks on notice, Pro issues out “Dangerous Minds Mondays”, another one of those long-drawn out weekly series where we get a new track or new something from the Hiram Clake native. Sparkling pianos and the welcomed vocals of Miss Mykie find a home on “The New Real” where Pro (like always), shows those who’s faker than a pair of Jordan heels in that smokey drawl of his.


DOWNLOAD: Propain – The New Real (f. Miss Mykie)