There’s a reason why people are drawn to KAB Tha Don. He’s huge. An immense personality that hugs the vapors out of a room and squeezes them dry. You see him, you immediately want to get on his good side and watch his gold fronts light up a room. You don’t want to get on his bad side because more than likely his meaty hands would clobber you with a single flick.

Charting the rise of KAB can be dated all the way back tot he original incarnation of Kickback Sundays at SF2 North. He didn’t even have a name, just a dude with a bruising appearance and a catchiness to him. An adlib, a fiery live performance that snatches you by the throat and refuses to let you go, all tools for typical big guy rap. And his oft-delayed and anticipated Bully On Tha Beat mixtape made it’s arrival into the world on Friday the 13th.

KAB lyrically is as straight forward as a shank to the gut, unflinching with threats and slight hashtags that seem right at home. “I hate you, I wrote a song to demonstrate it,” he quips on “Wack Eulogy Rap” with SamDavis, shooting slugs at janky promoters and enemies as if his life depended on it. He hates all wack things, promotes “Good Music” with DJ Mr. Rogers and even shakes ragtime bars with George Young on “Houston”.

The route KAB’s dealt with involves death, jail and destruction. Let him tell the story and you might fall in as a newfound fan. Or a supporter who’s been waiting for this for seemingly forever.

DOWNLOAD: KAB Tha Don – Bully On Tha Beat